Rabu, 28 Oktober 2015

Good bye Av G 2402 VQ

Assalamu'alaykum... Actually this blog were created to tell the world about me who likes to travel by car, especially when I'm started using Toyota Avanza type G in 2004.

I bought this car to replace my 1997 Rover 620 SLi (The British version of Honda Accord). As my 2nd car, I expect that this car should be good as the Rover 620, but in fact its totally different in every aspect.

Toyota has a motto "You Think You Can" on this early version of Avanza, and finally I can have it for more than 11 years. During the time Alhamdulillaah.. I've enjoyed memorable moment with this car. Until today, 28 October 2015 I finally decided to let this lovely car. On the same day, I handed over this car to someone who bought it.

Well, I've prepared the replacement already, and its going to be in my garage soon, I hope its gonna be the better one and its not a Toyota. But since I were so in love with Avanza, I'm thinking to have it again next year and surely its gonna be the latest model.

Well.. another adventurous story will come later...

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